Monday, March 29, 2010

SuperQueeros! for March 31st, 2010

This is a huge week in comics (Blackest Night ends and X-Men: Second Coming begins!) and also it's chock full of queer characters and queer character cameos!

First off, a mea culpa: Though I reported that Gotham City Sirens #10 was coming out on March 3rd, it's actually shipping 28 days later! Thankfully, the world hasn't zombie-apocalypse'd in that time (sorry Cillian), so you should still be able to pick it up at your local comic book retailer, this Wednesday, March 31st, 2010!

Detective Comics #863
This is the last Batwoman comic for a while. We know from the June solicits that July will see the return of Batwoman to Detective Comics, but in what capacity (guest star, lead character, etc) I know not. So snap up the potentially ultimate issue of the comic-sphere changing team-up of Rucka-and-Kate in Detective Comics! Oh, and the creepy original villain The Cutter is going to get his comeuppance, which is gonna rock too.

Female Force #13: Ellen Degeneres
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The All-American lesbian queen of comedy gets her own comic book! I'm gonna swoon...

Dark Wolverine #84
OH WAIT NO NOW I'M SWOONING! This comic features a hot kiss between Bullseye and Dark Wolverine, one not followed by gay-panic!!!! I have no idea how this comic is going to wrap up Daken's storyline/time in the spotlight that was Dark Reign, but I'm SUPER excited for his further bisexual, sociopathic exploits! More kissing with boys!

New Mutants #11
This issue is looking to be another queer-cameo book. Karma and the rest of the crew get shooed out of the room by Dani pretty quickly this issue as our "Valkyrie from Hel" repays the debt she owes to the Norse goddess Hela. Her task? Wrangle some god-souls into Hel. I'm hoping we'll see another Dani vs. Ares fight, but I'm so unfamiliar with the Norse gods and the list of SEIGE casualties that I'm not holding my breath. Either way, the forecast is 100% for god-level beat downs.

Wonder Woman #42
New crazy-awesome Wonder Woman story! That's all I know, and that's all I need to know! #getit!

Madame Xanadu #21
I don't know that much (read: anything) about the queer content in this book, but it was nominated for a GLAAD award, so it earns a spot on this list until proven queer-exclusive!

Cloak and Dagger #1
The book opens with an Anole and GREYMALKIN (he's not dead!) cameo and stars Cloak and Dagger, the single most fierce pairing of super-teens ever created. Per square inch, this is probably the gayest book on the market this week.

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