Friday, March 19, 2010

Detecting Detective Comics

Batman solicits for June just came out, and the summary for detective comics has a very interesting last line:


On sale JUNE 23 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US
Written by DENNIS O’NEIL
Art and cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
1:25 “DC 75 Anniversary” Variant cover by WALTER SIMONSON
Continuing the spirit of celebration from BATMAN #700, comics legend Dennis O’Neil’s returns to the Batcave in this stand-alone, 40-page issue! O’Neil spins a tale of the Dick Grayson Batman intertwined with those classic days when Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, patrolled the mean streets of Gotham City!
And come back next month for the return of The Question and Batwoman!

If you remember, Detective #864 and #865 both feature BatMAN stories, just like #866. So what happened to warrant a return to Kate Kane? Is she returning as the main feature, or is she just joining her ex in the back up story? And is Rucka taking back over on the writing duties? I remember a very interesting quote on just that subject:
"Don't be foolish: If you give me Detective and think Kate ain't gonna be in it, you're daft."

The answer to those questions, and whether or not Detective Comics will stay on my pull list, will come in time. Until then keep your eyes glued to the Betch!

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