Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tosh is the New Captain Jack! or Gay: "So that's what a Jedi is"

Please direct your attention to the awesome interview with Aaron Ashmore and Warehouse 13 creator Jack Kenny from Out magazine. Why you ask? Because Aaron's character, a new addition to the cast of the two-year-old SyFy original series, is a human lie detector... and a 'mo! (I'm assuming that his powers developed because of all his experience lying about his sexuality at WASP-y church functions.)

Aaron's character, Steve Jinks, combines everything I love about the cast of Torchwood into one character: he's got the social conservative-ness of Tosh, the hotness of Owen, and the man-on-man potential of Jack! (Which is basically Ianto, now that I think about it...) But unlike all those other characters, Steve is played by a twin. And Aaron says this in the interview:

"I don't think Steve's into muscles. He's more laid back. I picture him with someone similar to himself."

They say that there's not a lot of room for romance in Warehouse 13. You know what's not a romance? Awkward twin-ttractions between, say, two clones or a boy and his alternate-dimension double. Yes sir, I think the future looks bright for everyone involved. Especially slash writers.

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