Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Batwoman #1 Confirmed for DCNu Relaunch

When DC announced last week that it was relaunching their entire comic book line up with new #1 titles, the fan community erupted in speculation. Many of us in the fan community who are more diversity/social justice-minded know that these kinds of events have a tendency to reduce diversity rather than increase it, and many feared the worse for the various successes at diversifying the DC Universe which had been won in recent years. Among these speculations, many thought that the oft delay-plagued and highly anticipated Batwoman title (penned and drawn by phenomenal artist J.H. Williams) would surely be victim of this continuity reboot, as the prospect of having a Batman with a similarly aged Batwoman seemed dubious and inconsistent with the character's re-launched history.

Despite audible groans from many Barbara Gordon fans at the rewinding of Oracle back to Batgirl, Kat Kane fans should rest assured that their "Dark Red Angel of the Night" will indeed be returning to the pages in the revised DCNu line-up, as reported recently by Newsarama.

Interestingly enough, DC also announced Birds of Prey amongst the line-up of #1's hitting shelves this fall. How this team will be formed and led without their iconic leader in Barbara Gordon as primo-info jock of the DC Universe remains to be seen, but it should be noted that the iconic team line-up seems to be missing key players in the absent Huntress and Zinda Blake.

Additionally, what the revamped Gordon Batgirl portents for notable successors to the mantle; Casssandra Cain and Stephanie Brown (who many view as being a successful and apologetic revival of the character), is still yet to be seen.

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