Monday, June 6, 2011

SuperQueeros! for June 8th, 2011

This is both one of the most meager weeks in terms of queer comic book characters and one of the most anticipated! Because this is the week that we get...

Veronica #207 (Veronica Presents KEVIN KELLER #1)
FINALLY!! IT'S HERE!!! Who knows what it's about, and who cares? Kevin is back in Riverdale and he'll be sticking around for the next four months! But seriously, there's no information on the plot of this issue. Everything I find basically just says "Kevin is back! People are very excited! You should buy it!" And I definitely will because, duh, it's Kevin Keller, the Chris Colfer of comic books, but it's reduced me to talking about how much I am going to buy the heck out of this issue instead of waxing sophomoronic on anything of substance. Good marketing strategy, Archie Comics! #buyit

Birds of Prey #13
Also this week, Renee continues to help out the Birds of Prey as they work to escape Junior, the tortured, sidekick-sized version of Ragdoll. Groovy, eh? Also there's a big maze and "Oracle's death". I'm pretty sure they just did that? And it was a figure of speech? Like, she's not actually dead, just even further off the grid. Whatevs. Ever since DC announced their impending reboot I've been feeling that it's futile to invest any more emotions into the struggles of these characters. Like, okay, sure, you can kill Oracle, that's awesome-sauce because she's about to get reset to 15 years old in two months and won't even remember dying this one time. And the Question is just going to be a dude again, right? Ugh.

The short version? This is your last chance for some Montoya action, so pick it up!

New Avengers #13
So Mockingbird is near death and stuff. And Nick Fury's secret history that they retconned revealed last month is going to save her? Cool beans. Also, the "new head of H.A.M.M.E.R. is revealed" and am I too naive to hope that it's Victoria? Because that would be awesome! Either that or it should be Maria Hill with Victoria as her second. That would be splendidly tense!

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