Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SuperQueeros! for June 1st, 2011

So, I figured because Monday was a holiday that comics wouldn't ship until tomorrow. But everywhere I check on the internet either doesn't mention a schedule change or says that comics are shipping today so... to the Queer-mobile!

Secret Six #34
They're back from H-E-double-hockey-sticks and the solicit says that Bane is being all emo/psychotic and question-y and his relationship with Scandal will be put to the test! But I read solicits every month for this book and let me tell you, they are often totally misleading. Rest assured that Scandal will appear in this book with lines and involvement in the story. And it'll probably be a good tale at that!

X-Factor #220
This is the Wolfsbane pregnancy issue! Plus, if you read the preview, it has what will forever be my second favorite Shatterstar panel of all time! Also there will be a story about a monster that kills church-goers? Eh, we're all reading it for soap-operatic-action, and it looks like Rahne and 'Star are going to finally bond... right before her womb is ripped open by a hell beast/cute baby! Hopefully Shatterstar will decapitate something!!!

X-Men #12
So it's that "First to Last" story that's a crossover between First Class and adjective-less? I'm not terribly intrigued by the premise, mostly because it seems ret-con-y and dull. Who knows, maybe it'll be awesome, but neither of the two realities are alternate ones so I'll be awaiting the wiki page. But Northstar totally makes a cameo! SWEEEEET!!!

House of Mystery #38
Did you see, did you see??? Tursig was a patron in the bar last issue!!! Which makes me hopeful that Lotus Blossom is about to go head to head with our favorite gay goblin soon! (There will probably be more heads involved in that "head to head" match-up, but I'll only be focused on Tursig. ;-P )

UPDATE: There wasn't any Tursig this issue (that I saw) but there was a little bit of Tel in Adventure Comics!

GREEKS WITH AMBIGUOUS SEXUALITIES: Yes. This is now a category of comic book.
Wonder Woman #611
Second to last issue!! We get answers, we get final showdown,... we get old Diana back???? This arc went from 'WTF??" to "Balls-mazing!!!" in one or two issues and hasn't let up since. All signs point to these last two issues being the biggest Wonder Woman moment since Maxwell Lord looked over his shoulder!

Herc #4
IMO this series is still finding its footing, but I'd be more interested in helping it if they restored some of Herc's invulnerability so he could go back to his old costume. Because, seriously, another fully-clothed dude fighting an Underworld succubus in an evening gown (here played by Hecate)? Yeah, I've read this story before.

Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters, and Mutants #4 of 4
Here we go! A holdover from the old status quo, this Wolvie/Herc crossover brings the Ruffians fighting a giant Sarlacc-type sea monster! Hero in a skimpy outfit and a villainous beast a cross between traditionally male and female imagery? Yup, this issue brings in the queerness!

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