Monday, June 27, 2011

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures - A Scarlet Betch Perpetual Nomad

Here at we love comics: we love readin' 'em, we love betchin' about 'em, and we love makin' 'em! But whereas we have years (yeeeaaaars!) of experience with the reading and the betching, making comics is something that we've only recently started dabbling in. Which is why we thought it would be an excellent experience to work through a book on how to make comics!

For the next 15 weeks Jason and I will be sketching our way through Jessica Abel & Matt Madden's Drawing Words & Writing Comics. The book has a term for a regularly-meeting group of people working through the book together -- they call it a "Nomad". Jason and I figured, since we'll already be nomads meeting on Skype, why don't we record it and post it to our youtube channel so that anyone on the 'net from now to the year Infinity A.D. can be a part of our Nomad?

We'll be aiming to do a chapter a week, at which point we'll post a discussion of the chapter and share our homework assignments. As a cyberspace co-nomad we'd love for you to give feedback on any work we feature, and we'd love to give feedback on any work you'd let us feature!

Expect our first video early next week, and if you'd like to pick up the book and read the first chapter, feel free to share your homework assignments with us at our e-mail address or on Google Docs!

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