Monday, June 13, 2011

SuperQueeros! for June 15th, 2011

I forgot I hadn't finished Superqueeros yet! Here's who we got:

Alpha Flight #1
Wooo!!! The first official Alpha Flight issue! More Northstar! More Kyle! More Canooks! This is a Fear Itself tie-in, so I assume that the team is going to be fighting a generic muscle bunny with a super-hammer and a grumpy disposition. Cool? The coolest. Either way, Jean-Paul = <3 #getit

Daken: Dark Wolverine #10
It all starts (again) here! Daken is in the hands of new scribe Rob Williams and he's moved to the West Coast in his bid for WORLD DOMINATION. What surprises does this new chapter have in store? How will Williams compare with Liu? From the preview it looks like he's going to be a little more verbal than Marjorie, and I think that could be a very good thing. #newdirection #jumpingonpoint

Hellblazer #280
The DCnU has reminded me that Bling! isn't the only grumpy bisexual in the comic-verse: John Constantine of Hellblazer is the classic world-weary noir character, albeit with an dash of the arcane and a queer twist. This issue sees his niece coming to kill him and take his place visit. I wonder what will happen?

X-Factor #221
Did you read last issue?! The art was crap, but the cameo at the end??? AWESOME! And this issue... kind of drops that whole thing in two pages. And then 'Star stares at Rahne naked? This issue had better go somewhere amazing because the first few pages took me from crazy to disappointing to confused. I mean, nekkid preggers ladiez, FTW!, but the last two panels on page four make it seem SO RANDOM. I guess I'll just chalk it up to 'Star being all cute and test-tube-baby-raised-to-be-a-gladiator. I still love this book, no matter how bad the art gets or how random the nude wolf-ladies. <3

X-Men #13
A preview I saw showed Anole. I'm not terribly interested in this storyline (yay, more lies?) but it at least seems to be good about including the whole of the X-community.

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