Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wolverine's Teen Girl Squad Go!

So I've been saying that Marvel needs to make a book just about Wolverine and his teenage girl sidekicks. From the original Kitty Pride and the overly-reviled Jubilee, to his clone/daughter/sister/niece X-23 and the Whedon conceptualized Armor; this would be a fantastic book full of blood, mayhem, and sleepover pillowfights. Bloody, bloody pillowfights.

Evidently Wolverine & Jubilee artist Phil Noto was thinking the same thing and produced this lovely piece of work. Please, Marvel gods above. If you see this... MAKE IT HAPPEN! Uncanny X-strogen? Logan's Angels? I'm personally a big fan of Wolverine Teen Girl Squad Go!

Go check out Project Rooftop for the full-sized pic!

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