Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Superqueeros! for April 6th, 2011

Secret Six #32
The story you've been waiting for continues! Ever since issue #6 we've been waiting for Scandal Savage to use her "Get Out of Hell Free" card to bust her sweetie out of the afterlife. But things have gotten a wee bit complicated: Ragdoll stole the card and proceeded to get himself killed, so now, in order to resuscitate Knockout, Scandal and the rest of the Six are going to have to fight a vengeful Ragdoll and an equally irritated demon army! I'm hoping that being in Hell means that the usual consequences to gratuitous violence are suspended and that this will liberate the pen of Gail Simone so that our favorite dastardly villains can be as cruel and inhuman as they brag they are. And that we'll end the story with a hot lesbian kiss over a mountain of corpses! #dreamitbeit

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #5
OMG, it's been 8 months since this story started! Remember when Magneto kidnapped our heroes from the Avengers mansion? Yeah, me neither. This book is like the anti-Brightest Day! It has characters who are not straight white men but it is NEVER published! Come on, Marvel. Jim? Allan? Can't you think of adding some tie-ins at least? That Iron Lad-centric one shot last month was AMAZING! Why can't we get a "Generation Lost"-type story to run parallel to this one? Seriously, just publish one shots of Billy and Teddy's dates every other month and my pay check is ALL YOURS. But until you get to publishing that certain-to-be-GLAAD award-winning series I'll just have to stick to re-reading Children's Crusade over and over again and then googling up some fanfiction... sigh... #BOOKOFTHEMONTH!!!

House of Mystery #36
A lot of cool stuff is happening with Fig and Cain, but they're lost in comic-book-space-time and in need of rescuing. I'm predicting that Tursig will be rallying Fig's friends this month to form a rescue party! 'Cause he's like this rockin' general and stuff now! And maybe he'll find a hulking gay ogre friend! #fingerscrossed Anyway, it's a good title on its own merits too, so even if it's gay-goblin-deficient this month it's still a good buy!

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Yan Basque said...

"This book is like the anti-Brightest Day! It has characters who are not straight white men but it is NEVER published!"

LOL but true.

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