Wednesday, April 6, 2011

George Takei's Spiderman Audition Causes Confluence of Massive Nerd and Gay Singularity

There are only a few celebrities which have my undying and boundless devotion. One of them is George Takei. The openly gay, groundbreaking and path paving actor who starred in the original Star Trek series as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu has made an indelible mark on American culture. His coming out only further endeared him in my heart. And having met George in person, I can say that he is the most amiable celebrity that I have met.

This recent video which includes some obvious musical plugging is nothing but utter joy and hilarity. My favorite part is when George defeats Venom with a "KABUKI!" sound effect. GOLD.

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Kristina said...

That is some top-notice dangle-fighting.

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