Monday, April 18, 2011

SuperQueeros! for April 20th, 2011

Another 11th hour post about the new comics coming out today that feature queer characters, but this time I've delved a little further and pulled up some manga as well! One (if not both...) is super yaoi-y, so, you know, respect your age and what not:

X-Factor #218
Man down! Guido has been struck down by Ballistique's bullets! Which, we have found out, are not weird destruction vectors that come from her fingers and are therefore able to break bullet proof glass and puncture people whose mutant ability is to absorb kinetic energy, but are in fact real life, solid, able-to-be-turned-around-by-telekinesis, (but also they are magic?) bullets. Well. I'm sure we'll get an explanation. Right Peter David? Gosh I hope so... Also Ricstar!

True Blood: Tainted Love #3
Hot Eric and Pam cover!!! Hey, did you all see Anna Paquin in Scream 4? Best scene ever, right??? LOVED. IT. Back to comic books: Jessica is still in trouble, which means Sookie is just very, very bad at saving people from poisoning. Quelle surprise. So she runs to Eric. The quelle suprise-est. Lafayette wasn't mentioned in the solicits, but if you're a True Blood fan you can pick this up today (instead of waiting for Game of Thrones to finish). Thank gosh only the TV show is scheduled behind that constantly-delayed fantasy behemoth, am I right?

Treasure Vol 2
The first of my manga findings! This is either a cute shounen-ai or gross yaoi about a slow country boy and a hot city boy! With ex drama! That's all I know... There's not even a wiki page on it! And the cover art may not be the final version!! Oh, I just skimmed a google search of the author, Yamakami Riyu, and... I'm doubting that this is an innocent plain shounen-ai... especially considering the pr0n-esque premise... Still, the solicit doesn't say it's for mature readers only, so even if you have the intellect of a 17-year-old you can go ahead with this title! As for the issue of yaoi vs not-yaoi, there's only one way to find out: go to the store and see if it's plastic-wrapped! #dirty

Yellow II Vol 2
This one is definitely adult! But it also includes the "genre-bending" (the solicit's words, not mine!) qualities of action and adventure! In other words: "This ain't no Chi Chi feature, expect (some) plot!" And, also, expect the strict, conformist gender roles of uke-seme heteronormativity!!! #awesome?

Items of Interest:
Angel Aftermath #44
Oh, yeah, and Angel is ending its run on IDW. There's gonna be a coda issue next month too, but basically this is the end of the road folks! Next stop... twilight!

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