Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SuperQueeros! for April 13th, 2011

I threw a lesbian under the bus!!! Victoria Hand has been one of my favorite queer Marvel characters ever since she came out during Dark Avengers, but I forgot that she's the new team handler for the New Avengers!! I've corrected that this week, but don't forget to pick up your post-Siege The New Avengers back issues if you love you some V. Hand! Other queers this week:

Adventure Comics #525
The misadventures of Gravity Kid and Power Boy, as well as of the not-gay Legionnaires in-training, continue! Basically Grav Kid and the freshmen are being schooled by the villains who took out Chemical Kid's family while Power Boy and the upperclassmen are dispatched to check up on them (if I remember correctly...). ANYWAY, FINGERS CROSSED FOR BOY KISSES!!!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #8
So the big Wolvie-spin-off-character fight went down last issue of X-23 and this week X-23 and Daken are teaming up! Of course, I'm sure Daken has some nefarious ulterior motive, because he's Daken and that's why we love 'im. Gambit guest stars as well, so FINGERS CROSSED FOR ("The-guards-are-coming-quick-kiss-me-so-they-don't-recognize-us,-Gambit!"-whispered-Daken) BOY KISSES!

The New Avengers #11
Victoria! I apologize for not remembering to include your exploits as an honest-to-goodness superqueero! You are patently awesome, especially due to your forward-thinking highlights!!! Anyway, I hear Mockingbird got stomped by "Superia" or something? Anyway, you should probably go save her or whatever, which shouldn't be a problem because you are LEZ-CREDIBLE. #ladykisses

X-Men: Legacy #247
Karma cameos, so it counts! Since Legion has a big role this issue/reality, maybe she'll help calm him again...? Anyway, we finally find out who X is (if not how) and Kitty gets to be super bad-@$$:
Which makes up for her being SO CRAP in the Uncanny X-Men issue this week:
YOU CAN'T THROW SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN'T TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CORRECTION: Kitty Pryde is never crap? Sure she has a bubble suit that adheres to her intagible body (WTF?) BUT she can't phase it! She can phase THROUGH it (see this week's issue of UXM), but this is not the "Let's give Arsenal a robot arm" of convenient comic book fixes! It's more like the "Let's give Arsenal a prosthetic arm" of convenient comic book fixes; there is still the potential for realistic angst!!!!!! #IAmStillAHappyCamper

3 betches:

Jason said...

no, i think that the reason she's in the suit is because it adheres to her intangible form, so it lets her interact with the world even if she's still technically intangible. i dunno... #unstablemolecules

Kuhnsy said...

Okay, I will totes edit that b/c u are totes right, but also, there are stipulations! I thought the physicality suit was a crap idea until I found out that it's an imperfect system! #angstrocks

T-Dogg said...

No, I think the suit is destroyed when it hits the robot, but she phases through the robot. You can see debris at the underside of the robot. So I guess it shatters and she keeps going? Still...ugh.

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