Monday, April 25, 2011

SuperQueeros for April 27th, 2011

Daken, Karma, and some hope for a few cameos are the queers in comics this week:

X-23 #9
Daken has quickly turned the tables on this little family reunion and now X and Gambit are in the clutches of the villainous hottie's henchpeople. Will X be able to escape from the men who made her? Will Gambit's team-up with Tyger Tiger liberate them both? And Daken wasn't in the preview... I wonder what he's plotting...

New Mutants #24
It's the end of the Age of X! Will X destroy the mind of every hero in its clutches, or will Legion, his dad, Karma, and the rest of the X-Men emerge victorious? We know that Frenzy, Cyclops' romantic partner in the Age of X, will become a major character in X-Men: Legacy next month, so what does that mean for everyone's memories? Will everyone remember AoX or will it only be Frenzy or the cast of Legacy? Only one way to find out! #buyit

Age of X: Universe #2
Plus this week we get the conclusion to what is essentially X's super-violent Avengers fanfiction. Given that this is just a imagined history perpetrated by a mental construct (i.e., nothing's at stake in 616's reality) and we know that the Avengers don't appear in the earlier AoX chapters, I'm guessing that the Avengers meet an untimely demise in this issue. But watching the X-men crush the Hulk, the Winter Soldier, the Invisible Woman, Spider-Woman, and Iron Man's re-animated corpse is gonna be frakking awesome!

Wonder Woman #610
Diana has finished her trek through her past selves with Dr. Psycho which means one thing: it's time to bring the pain to the Morrigan! And with the next three issues' covers feature a mash-up of old and new Wondy, so it seems like we'll be seeing the old Diana more and more! The JMS story begins its final act this week; be sure to jump on for the beginning of the end of Wonder Woman's new beginning!

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