Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SuperQueeros! for June 30th, 2010

June has one more new comic book day! I know my bank account is groaning under the strain, but for a fifth Wednesday there is a lot of cool queer comic-ness!

Justice League of America #46
Obsidian is alive and kicking in part 1 of the JLA/JSA crossover, though he has been turned evil by the Starheart (?) and his helping his dad who is dressed like Parallax (??) to kick the collective asses of his resurrected sister, the new, super-young JLA, and a cute, blue, pansexual Starman ( :-D... I mean "???"). So this title is amazing. Even if it doesn't make any sense. #whocares!

Justice Society of America #40
Speaking of not making any sense, after reading about Obsidian being an evil pawn of evil beating up his teammates, why not pick up the book that has Obsidian trapped as an egg while his teammates try to rescue him in the (FINALLY) final chapter of the JSA's Fourth Reich storyline?? Some old teammate is going to come help JSA at the last minute, so it is either Mr. Terrific, Obsidian, or both. I am opting for Mr. T, but also hoping that Obsidian will do some butt-kicking after he gets... hatched. #wtf
EDIT: Obsidian is totally hatched from egg-prison by page 4 and he both NARRATES and KICKS BUTT!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder Woman #600
SUPER AWESOME WONDER WOMAN CELEBRATION!!!!! I don't know if you picked up Batman #700, but I thought that, as a one-shot, it was a brilliant tribute to the character that touched upon his ubiquity in the human zeitgeist and the essential immortality he has so recently derived from his departure from his Bruce Wayne host. But that's Batman, and this is about Wonder Woman!! Let's hope for some cute lesbianism and awesome gods and a story just as good for the DCU's hardest hitting heroine!!!

Madame Xanadu #24
The senses!!!! This issue sees the start of a senses-themed arc in Xanadu. I'm really excited for the final issue as it explores Xanadu's pre-cognitive sense, but first we have to tromp through the other five senses! First up is "sight" as a woman who sees people morph into grotesqueries on the subway seeks help from our eponymous heroine. #alsocool

Gotham City Sirens #13
One year of Sirens! While the other Sirens are still on the dole, Ivy's been busy this year! She's got a 9-5 job, an office romance, and an old ally trying to sabotage it all! But what's with Selina chained to the Pieta on the cover??? Find out as the hottest of the Post-Bruce Wayne comics enters its second year! #celebrate

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