Monday, June 14, 2010

SuperQueeros! for June 16th

Another dry week! We better get a deluge of queer-featuring comics in the coming weeks, because this week we only have:

The Joker's Asylum: Harley Quinn
"The Joker's Girlfriend" has always walked a sexily thin line in her relationship with Poison Ivy. Will we see some of their trademark flirtation in this one-shot, or just focus on the hot, hot mess that is Harley Quinn, psychologist, psycho, and the scariest of the Gotham City Sirens? Only one way to find out! ;-)

Honorable Mentions:
New Mutants #14 and X-Men: Legacy #237
The gays have kind of been sidelined in the Second Coming storyline, but the coming onslaught of Nimrod sentinels is sure to drum up at least some cameos by the likes of Karma and Bling!, the two queers currently at ground zero. Besides that, crazy action scenes have always been Yost's strength, and thousands of Nimrod sentinels against a hundred merry mutants? Sounds like the odds are in favor of violence fun!

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