Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The New Wonder Woman: Kick Ass Costume, Zero Hippolytas

JMS (the new writer of both Wonder Woman and Superman, the old writer of The Brave and the Bold and Babylon 5) has given the Amazonian princess a new costume (tough, form-fitting, more realistic, and totally not like star-spangled underpants!) and a new... back story? It seems that the scribe behind Spider-Man's marriage-erasing continuity-retcon One More Day has decided to give the same treatment to Wonder Woman. However, instead of erasing her adult life he's altering her WHOLE life.

The post-issue-600 Wonder Woman was sent away from Paradise Island as a child when the island came under attack. In the JMS penned-tale, the Amazons lost this battle and only a handful of them survived. Diana still grew up as a protector, but this time a protector of the refugees of a forgotten civilization, not of Man's World. The catch is that she's started getting flashbacks to her old life. And she wants it back.

Grumpy yet? I was, when I first read about the change! But then I finished reading the interview Newsarama had with JMS (in particular the part where he says he'll bring back whatever was more popular in the old continuity than in the new) and now I'm stoked! Wonder Woman is known to be a difficult write; maybe the new Diana will be gritty enough for everyone - writer and reader alike - to sink their literary teeth into!

Plus, a Wonder Woman redesign might just be able to bring us what we've all so desperately wanted: a Wonder Woman movie. ;)

2 betches:

Jason said...

if this negates the queer Achilles character from Simone's run... i'm gonna be so. so. SO. sad.

Kuhnsy said...

All that stuff never. Happened. Not that he doesn't exist in the DCU still. But yeah, totes retconned away.

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