Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone 4 Video Calls are totally heartwarming; in no way sketchy.

As many a techgeek has been plastered to their screens reading up on the latest news coming out of WWDC on Apple's long-awaited announcement of the new iPhone and its features. One of these features is the addition of video chat on the phone. Jobs demonstrates the functionality live, and it looks great. I have no doubt I, along with many iPhone users will enjoy it thoroughly.

But what cracked me up was the canned video following Jobs' introduction of the functionality depicting the various heart-warming ways that video chat will improve your life. From calling your bff to help with your fashion emergency to sending images of your ultrasound to your baby daddy overseas blowing up other children in the developing world. No where do they present the most obvious and likely the most quidkly-adopted scenario for video chat: video phone sex.

While it's true, deaf people need heartwarming, iPhone-induced memories too... all I'm saying is that I'll bet you good money that within a month of iPhone 4's launch, there will be vid-chatting on Grindr, and that can only lead to one thing...

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