Thursday, June 10, 2010

Science FACTion: FAA announces Automated Passenger Aircrafts; Skynet not a problem

The Federal Aviation Association announced recently that it is seeking to research and introduce pilotless aircrafts for commercial passenger use. Gizmodo reports:

The work falls under the umbrella of FAA's NextGen initiative, which looks to update many facets of our aging aviation infrastructure. Boeing subsidiary Insitu is providing the regulators with two ScanEagle drones for testing in New Jersey.
There's a good deal of work that has to be done before the days when a robot pilot will tell you you're free to move about the cabin—drones are currently cleared for flight on a case-by-case basis and are only allowed in restricted airspace. The FAA will be looking at how they can be integrated with existing air traffic control systems and eventually replace some of our more inefficient commercial aircraft.
I don't see any possible way this could go wrong...

Oh wait, didn't they make a movie about this kind of thing going HORRIBLY WRONG:

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