Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SuperQueeros! for June 23rd

Only three titles this week, and all three feature male couples. Who said gays can't commit?

The Authority: The Lost Year #9
It's the Authority vs. a used car salesman as our intrepid, dimension-hopping team lands in a land where Midnighter passed over the crusade against evil in favor of the crusade against high prices! The Lost Year is almost over and anything can happen (as long as it unhappens before World's End)!

Wildcats #24
Meanwhile, in the present, Midnighter has been checking up on Zealot and Maul since they broke away from Spartan's world-spanning Wildcats initiative, and from the preview we can tell he's not liking what he's seeing. Zealot is training her own army, ostensibly to protect Earth. But where is she getting Kheran warriors? This comic is about to take its ass-kicking with a side of moral ambiguity, IMO, and I am soooo hungry for it!

X-Factor #206
The last of the Second Coming tie-in trilogy! Did you read the preview??? Did half the team die in an explosion??? I mean, no, of course they didn't, but I AM STILL INTRIGUED. Also, Shatterstar inevitably kicks butt in this issue and it is inevitably HOTT. #buyit!

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