Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SuperQueeros! for November 7th, 2012

We have a president! Now that BHO is back for four more, it's time to get back to the real business at hand: comics! And I'm going to start this entry with a post-election confession.

Husbands #3 (and #2)
The confession is that I forgot Husbands #2 last week! Yup, it's a weekly, web-only series, so this week go out and buy two awesome, marriage-equality-themed masterpieces from!

Stormwatch #14
Midnighter is dead?! Apollo is going to be PISSED! Etrigan (the newest Stormwatch member?) is gonna have his hands full with the angry sun god, and the solicit says that an old member is returning. The Doctor or Rose Tattoo could solve Midnighter's little "death" problem, but I'm sorta really hoping for Jenny Sparks...

Avengers Academy #39
The last issue before Marvel Now! And with our two 'queeros, Striker and Lightspeed, missing from the next incarnation of this book, this issue will be the one canonizing their immediate fates!

Life with Archie #24
Kevin reconsiders re-enlisting after Clay's brush with mortality! A new, Riverdale-centric direction for our fav Archie couple starts here!

Uncanny X-Force #33
The team takes it's fight to Daken and Mystique's Brotherhood! Only three issues left before Marvel Now!

X-Factor #246
We finally see what the heck Pip the Troll does! And since it's a "behind-the-scenes" issue maybe we'll get to see RicStar being cute together!

Earth 2 #6
The fight against the Grey still continues on and on and on. And Evil Mr. Terrific sets his explosive plans into motion!

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