Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SuperQueeros! for November 14th, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9: Freefall #15
Billy and CuteDevon fight zomps and have sexual tension!!! Plus, Buffy shows up to help slay some zompires! And this isn't the end of Billy (AWESOME), just the end of serving his time in Smallville. Hopefully CuteDevon will survive too and make the trip to San Fran with his beau-to-be! And is he going to be the only Watcher in the Scoobies? What with Giles' nieces and CuteDevon's queerness, the patriarchy of the Watchers has kinda been smashed, eh?

X-treme X-men #6
Nightcrawler time! Thanks to Kurt's emotional moment the team is on the way to his home universe to kill the Xavier of his world. But what was the relationship between this Xavier and Kurt? And what happened to Kurt's family??

Husbands #4
ARGH I LOVE THIS SERIES! I have NO idea what this issue will be about, but the cute superheroes, the cheeky (pun intended) fairy tale, and the hot (and stylish!) detectives were all awesome and I can't imagine that this issue will be anything but BALLSMAZING.

Demon Knights #14
Did you know that there is a gender ambiguous hero in this comic? Shining Knight presents as neither male nor female, and as both. That, plus the inclusion of Madame X, makes this period piece a lot more queer than I thought it was! Oh, and everyone is trapped in Hell. But don't worry, Shining Knight has got things handled.

Hack/Slash #20
This is billed as the beginning of the "FINAL" storyline. But is this the end of the series? In the words of the writer: "Yes. And no." #hype

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