Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SuperQueeros! for November 28th, 2012

Every once in a while I find the time to scour the internet for LGBTetc. comic book characters that slipped under my radar and this week I turned up some gems! And by "gems" I mean both awesome queer characters AND erant comments like this one from a blog post about Zenescope: "I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape." Ah, the internet...

And remember folks, if you know about an LGBT comic book character that I've neglected, let me know and I'll rectify the situation and start tracking that costumed 'queero!

Chew #30
When John Colby, cyborg partner of main character Tony Chu at the FDA, calls their boss Mike Applebee a "fag" it's not simply a homophobic comment, it's also experience talking. See, John and Mike have hooked up. Yup, two non-boyfriend, kick-as gay characters populate one of the most creative comics on the stands today. And with issue #30 being The Wedding Issue (not a gay wedding) it is, as the solicit recognizes, THE WORST jumping on point. So why not give it a shot? I know I will!

Green Hornet #31
I'm going to defer to any Green Hornet fans (or anyone willing to do the research via comixology's current 99 cent sale), but it seems like Mulan Kato was outed and then immediately retconned straight. So I'm just gonna put this idea out there and keep my eyes peeled for any indication that that retcon was retconned. EDIT: Yeah, read the preview for this issue. They're OTP-ing her with GH himself. #bummer

Astonishing X-men Annual
Did you read last week's issue?!?!? It was the answer to ALL my prayers (sorta)! Karma is now a wealthy industrialist, a la Warren Worthington III or Emma Frost! She still doesn't have that gun-for-a-leg that I wanted, but now that she's working with a more substantial salary than that of a librarian I imagine she'll be bankrolling some baller adventures! And maybe Kyle will get some more screen time!

Husbands #6
The last issue! And it's secret-agent-y! How will our dashing dudes deal with a license to kill? And how will the lessons they learned influence them after they get back to the "real" world?

Morning Glories #23
So there's been no update on Hisao (original Jun), but old-Jade has finally crossed into the main narrative! Unfortunately, it seems like Irina is out to kill her...

X-Treme X-men #7
Now that Howlett and Dazzler have gone on a robot-killing rampage to save Kurt they've incurred the wrath of both Danger, queen of Robot-Earth, and Sage, liaison between the robots and the remains of the human race. So how will they escape? And is the Xavier of this world evil, good, or too dead to be of any help?

Teen Titans #14
Wonder Girl's story continues and it seems that her story will be tied to the arrival of Raven and, possibly, this whole "Trinity War" thing. But where are Skitter and Bunker??????

Justice League Dark #14
Amethyst and Frankenstein continue to guest star as they explore the depths of the Hours of Mysteries. But now that disaster has been averted in the annual, what will Madame Xanadu have to do this issue?

True Blood #7
More ancient werewolves. Everyone in this book counts as queer, right?

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