Monday, November 19, 2012

SuperQueeros! for November 21st, 2012

Did y'all see the list of top ten gay and lesbian characters/couples over at Newsarama? It's a celebration of Shining Knight, the intersex, ass-kicking Demon Knight I mentioned in last week's SuperQueeros! (Newsarama calls Shining Knight transgender, but unless you count Bornstein-ing your way past the concept of gender as transgender, I think S.K. came out as pansexed and pangendered.) Give it a flip through and see if you learn about any new superqueeros! I know it clued me in to Danielle Baptiste's queer identity as a (or possibly "the only") 'queero at Top Cow.

Speaking of 'queeros in the mainstream, we've got a TON of AWESOME books to read this week!

Supurbia #1
The best comic this year gets its own ongoing series! Night Fox and Agent Twilight return as a villain moves into the neighborhood and starts to court Night Fox's wife Alexis. Plus, we get to meet Supurbia's version of Lois Lane, the unceremoniously dumped Hayley Harper! And what exactly is keeping Batu's husband up late? Perhaps the creation of a Boomtube...?

Batwoman #14
Kate continues her crusade to kill Medusa with the help of Wonder Woman! Will zombie cowboy Pegasus help them out? Or is his head the one that "will role" as the preview at the end of the last issue foreshadowed? Also, why isn't Pegasus a flying horse????

Astonishing X-Men #56
From the cover it looks like Gambit is Iceman? I did not see that one coming... And if Bobby is the teammate who returns, why is there a question of if he is a friend or foe? And the solicit also mentions Kyle, so he might be in danger! Or a villain! Can Karma and Northstar pull a save out of this mounting disaster???

Husbands #5
Speaking of married super-couples, the second-to-last issue of Husbands is out this week! And it looks like this issue is going to be in the style of the Archie-verse!!!! ARGH I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE INEVITABLE CUTE-BOMB!

X-Factor #247
More marrieds: Layla and Jaimie got hitched! And now everyone is going to Hell! Sheesh, first it was Hellblazer, then it was Demon Knights, and now X-Factor is going to Hell? 2012 is a popular year for that toasty destination!

Hellblazer #297
The last issue in The Curse of the Constantines! The three plot clues are "hungry ghosts, tainted fairies, and a mother's lively corpse". Intriguing...

Uncanny X-Force #34
This is the penultimate issue of this title! The will Evan become an evil Apocalypse? Or can he manage to thwart Daken's plans and save the team that's come to save/kill him? And now that AoA Nightcrawler has killed the man who ate his wife, AoA Blob, will he be able to survive the judgement of E.V.A.???

Wonder Woman #14
Wondie is trapped in a labyrinth with an angry cousin! Will she be able to survive the vengeance of The Desert Winds? Especially since she came to save her?

Justice League #14
Wonder Woman continues to help fight Cheetah and a new monster-Superman (who I am assuming is Bizarro)!

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