Monday, October 29, 2012

SuperQueeros! for October 31st, 2012

Happy Halloween! And... that is the most exciting thing that happens in this post. It's the usual fifth Wednesday slump, which I guess means you have more cash for hurricane recovery! But if you do have some dollars on hand and an open comic book store nearby, there are two books that will probably not (but technically might) have a homo in them. But probably not.

EDIT: Justice League Dark Annual #1 and Karma in New Mutants #50!!!!!!

True Blood #6 
Apropos for the season, it's the latest issue of the Alcide True Blood the comic! Speaking of Alcide, he has to help Sookie and the vampires save Bon Temps from a marauding werewolf pack! Given that these wolves are aiming to kill off most of the town in an event called the "Great Hunt" I'm guessing that they're led by Apocalypse. Or Harvest.


Ultimate Comics X-men #18
BAM! War on Nimrods. Storm, Kitty, Iceman, Rogue, and Bel Ami Wolverine. Stuffs going DOWN!

Plus, this is the last issue of the arc, so if we're going to get an eleventh hour Colossus, now's the issue!

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