Monday, October 15, 2012

SuperQueeros! for October 17th, 2012

I'm gonna be an Andy Rooney this week: Solicits these days, oh my gosh! Change makes me grumpy!!

Batwoman #13
This era of teaser solicits is annoying for a pre-capper such as myself! "Batwoman and Wonder Woman team up to fight Medusa." While technically a complete sentence, what do I have leftover to fill this blog with??? Puns about turning "stone butch"? An ode to Kate's wigs? Softcore musings about Kate and Diana's post-battle warm-down rituals??? "Well, Kate, in Amazonian culture we do not fear intimacy between our fellow Woman." #yup #goingwiththat

X-Factor #245
So the solicit of this one is a little meatier. "Two characters... irrevocably altered... team almost halved." What I assume that means is this: we know Havok is leaving (Have you seen that indie title Uncanny Avengers? It's totes underground.), so it's reasonable to assume that his life is "irrevocably changing" and... Lorna is breaking up with him? So I guess Lorna is the other half of that set of two totes-chagned people? But what I'm worried about is that Madrox, Layla, Lorna, Pip, and Longshot are all on covers for the next 3 to 4 months and M is mentioned in the solicits. But where are my boys??? Rictor and Longshot are still on the team according to the preview, but it sure is taking them a looooong time to teleport home!

Hellblazer #296
More "Curse of the Constantines"! It's the big confrontation with John's Dexter-nephew. Will John be able to cure his nephew's homicidal tendencies? Or maybe find a way to channel his powers for demon-killin'?

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4
I am totes excited to get more Watchmen, especially more Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis stories! But there are just SO MANY Before Watchman books! So, I'm waiting two more months to buy 'em all. But whether you wait or whether you get it now, #getit.

Wonder Woman #13
So did people notice the New Gods in the last issue? I did not pick up on that, but the recent voids in the Greek pantheon seem to give them some roles to fill in this book. But that's all in the future! This Wednesday Diana deals with Ares! As we saw in last month's issue #0, Diana is Ares' star pupil who quit the Marsian Martial Arts Program when she had too much mercy to become the soulless killer he had hoped that she'd be. So what's in the cards now that she's an adult with a whole lot of enemies???

Justice League #13
The Cheetah appears! New 52 Cheetah is a wereleopard like she was for a short time in the... old 52? I hope she's an ex-Amazon like she was in that brief, brief old-52 Wondie re-boot.

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