Monday, October 8, 2012

SuperQueeros! for October 10th, 2012

So many good comics this week! It may not be a large batch, but it's got spirit (read: good stories)!!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9: Freefall #14
It's Billy the Vampire Slayer!!! This month sci-fi superstars Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg bring us the first gay male slayer! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Plus it's the beginning of the Zompire epidemic! Will Billy and his bff/Watcher survive their first adventure????

Morning Glories #22
Jun/Hisao is my favorite new superqueero! Morning Glories has all the mind-bending of Lost-style television, plus the hottest gay love scene I've seen in comics! (See issue #18 for that!) This month see if he can save his identical twin brother Hisao/Jun from ritual sacrifice! From the look of the cover I'm guessing that's a NOPE!

Kevin Keller #5
Kevin has a "new" car: its his dad's very old jeep! Luckily Dilton, the cute nerd, is there to help fix up Kevin's jalopy with the latest inventions! Well, maybe "luckily" was too strong a word... It doesn't look like Dilton has subjected all these gadgets to rigorous testing...

Demon Knights #13
Madame Xanadu et al. vs. Lucifer!!!! (Oh, and "The Demon" from Stormwatch last week was Etrigan. Why didn't they just call him Etrigan? Who here hasn't ever been bored by a story's inclusion of Etrigan?) #beingmean #teamxanadu

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