Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SuperQueeros! for October 3rd, 2012

Life with Archie #23
Last time we joined the future-flung Riverdale gang Kevin had decided to re-enlist, even though Clay had expressly requested that he not. But, in the midst of registering, word came from Riverdale: Clay had been shot when he tried to stop a robbery! Are we about to lose Clay, months after we met him? Is Kevin going to stay put now that his hubbie is in critical condition? And how will Riverdale react?

Stormwatch #13
Remember in the 0 issue when they said that Stormwatch is the current version of Demon Knights? Well, evidently, that means that "The Demon" is joining Stormwatch now that the Martian Manhunter is gone. From the cover it looks like Apollo and Midnighter are bringing The Demon in, so why does the solicit say that they're AWOL?

Avengers Academy #38
Flag football tourney between the Academy and the Jean Grey School! I'm not sure when this takes place chronologically, but hopefully we'll get some character development for Striker  and Lightspeed before they vanish from the book when Marvel NOW! starts.

Earth 2 #5
The New Trinity fights Grundy and (sort of) the Atom. Grundy fights the new Trinity and the Atom. The Green Lantern makes a world-changing choice? Hopefully it's to bring back his dead bf and not, "Hey, wanna hang at my clubhouse?" Otherwise this book is just... the most predictable set up of a superteam.

Uncanny X-Force #32
The last chapter of Final Exam! Will Daken and Mystique make it out alive? Will Evan?

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