Monday, August 23, 2010

SuperQueeros! for August 25th, 2010

I'm a proponent of using bisexuality to make storyline-flexible queer characters. By definition the lesbian and gay communities' romantic dramas are insular and often disconnected from our day-to-day interactions with the (majority straight) rest of the world. IMO, bisexuality is a great way to let new and old characters have a queer storyline, while not invalidating past romances or forbidding future non-queer couplings. Plus it fights bi-phobia! And if this week is any indication, it's a track that a few good writers are taking advantage of:

Dark Wolverine #90
It's the end of Dark Wolverine! Well, this series, at least! Stay tuned, though, as Daken moves from one eponymous solo series to another with next month's launch of Daken: Dark Wolverine #1!! (Oh, right, this month: find out how the "Dark Wolverine" segment of Daken's life ends! He totally flirts with a gay anti-mutant activist in the preview, so #hot and #thought-provoking!)

X-Factor #208
Rahne's back! And like any good storyline featuring pregnancy and bisexuality (#oxymoron) we get a pregnant-wolf-woman vs. cloned-alien-swordmaster betch-fight! It'll be like a flashback to Rahne's X-Force days (last month?), but with better writing! And, side note, isn't this baby NOT Rictor's? Like, isn't it some Norse wolf-god's spawnling? Layla Miller: Puppy Edition, subtitle: "I Smell Stuff"? Meaning Rahne should stick with her baby wolf-daddy, not break up my longest fan 'ship?

Anyway, back to the main plot, stuff with the Norse hell goddess Hela is going down or something. To paraphrase Pam Ravenscroft "Blah, blah, Norse emergency, blah."

X-Men: Legacy #239
ANOLE!!!!!!! LOA!!!!!!!!!!! KILLING ROBOTS!!!!!!! It's like the good old days of Kitty phasing through Sentinels all over again, but with more explosions and punching! This is one of my fav books on the market today, and it has Anole AND Rogue! (And Magneto and Loa and Indra!) #buyit

Wildcats #26
Blah, blah, magic emergency, blah. Apollo + Midnighter are in this book! They're not listed in the solicitation, and with a team this expansive they might not be in the book at all, but get it anyway! Because gay marriage is teh cutexorz!!!!!

Justice League of America #48
The end of the Starheart saga! A White Lantern reveal!!! Some Obsidian/Starman make outs? I don't think I remembered to get this month's issue of the JSA, but when last I left our gay boy and bi boy one was evil and one was unconscious. Plus they'll have to finish fighting Obsidian's dad before they can "have each other's adopted babies," but I've still got my fingers crossed! #wallacewellsrocks

Wonder Woman #602
Blah, blah, amazon-rape secrets, blah. Wonder Woman kicks some more guyz and stuff and finds out some scary thingz. I'm buying it, but there's been no indication of queerness, just butt-kicking. And the weirdest woman-in-the-refrigerator storyline evar. But what they're doing with an iconic character is interesting, if fated to be as fleeting as Superman's post-resurrection redesign.

Gotham City Sirens #15
Denouement and new storylines! Catwoman deals with the aftermath of her battle with her sister and Poison Ivy's new job takes an interesting turn! They say villains drive stories, and this is one of the best books out there, so Q.E.D., I guess. The Sapphism might be a little on the light side to warrant a place in this column, but by femme-fatalism (a new category of "awesome") it makes the post.

Madame Xanadu #26
Boys are smelly! Well, at least this boy is. Sammy's malodorous melodrama is the focus of this issue of the GLAAD-nominated comic. Will MX be able to help Sammy, or will this comic just stink?

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