Monday, August 2, 2010

SuperQueeros! for August 4th, 2010

Happy August! Four brand new Wednesdays await us, so let's see what the queer superheroes are up to in Week One!

The Authority #25
It's one part denouement and one part... nouement(?) this issue as Hawksmoor explains his super-secret ultimate-weapon-secret that he kept from the crew until last issue, just in time for the Carrier to reach its final destination. But where or to what has the Carrier been taking the Authority? And who, what, and how is it being guarded? (Because it wouldn't be a story without someone guarding it/he/she!) Also, Rainmaker is so the star of this cover!

Secret Six #24
Okay... I'm confused. The solicit for this month's Secret Six literally reads: "In a small, corrupt mining boom-town, six remarkable strangers who hate each other band together in a bloody last stand against an army set on destroying them all!" Have we warped back in time to the creation of the Secret Six? In the Old West? And why doesn't Deadshot dress like that more often? And will Knockout still be alive???

The Rawhide Kid #3
Another penultimate issue as Rawhide Kid tells his origin story right before he faces off against the Sensational Seven. This piques my interest a little bit: will Rawhide's story be as blatantly stereotypical as his current status quo? Or will we get a more nuanced, interesting origin? This issue could be a game changer for how I see Marvel's most fierce gun fighter. Stand by to judge!

House of Mystery #28
The witches are off and they're taking Fig with them! Given that the witches have hired the goblins to fight their war with them, and that Tursig narrates the story-within-the-story next issue, I think there's a pretty good chance that they're taking everyone's fav gay goblin along for the ride! I wonder what he's like on long road trips...

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