Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blue Ranger Billy Finds New Calling as Lavender Ranger

I grew up during the 90s. And pretty much every kid in my generation grew up watching the Power Rangers. It was an unavoidable social phenomenon. The zany costumes, the dinosaur zords (even though two "dinozords" were actually prehistoric mammals), and that fabulous proto-drag queen Rita Repulsa... I couldn't resist. Although due to the unfortunate circumstance of sharing a name with the Red Ranger, I was forever type cast as the fearless leader, when deep inside I longed to be just like nerdy, acrobatic Billy the Blue Ranger.

I distinctly remember having a crush on Billy growing up. The nerdy outsider, failing to plug into the power of masculinity, not to mention Yost's impressive physique stirred my 7 year old self into quite a tizzy. I even remember being really upset when Billy left the team to pursue love with his aquatic lover (forget same sex taboo... we're getting to interspecies kink). 

Lo and behold, over a decade later, David Yost who played Billy in the original American Power Ranger series has confirmed that he is gay in a series of interviews with Check them out after the jump!

My heart goes out to Yost. Evidently he struggled with his homosexuality throughout his time on set as a Power Ranger, which partially led to his departure from the series after significant anti-gay hate speech forced him to leave. He also attempted to "pray the gay away", seeking so-called Ex-gay ministries after departing from the show. Thankfully he made it through in one piece and is now a happy queer like us. As someone who's survived straight camp... good on ya Davey! Maybe if I meet him we can swap stories... which will be the beginning of our torrid romance. #please

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