Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gaymers Admitted to Gay UN, aka Manhunt

I saw this graphic on a friend's Facebook wall. It's one of those post 'em and tag 'em grids that ask you to lump your friends into tightly defined categories. I don't usually pay attention to these kind of memes since they're mostly all the same thing just with different 1980s nostalgic references (the Care Bears come to mind). But this one from Manhunt caught my eye, if not for its sociological slice of gay life.

What surprised me is that despite the monolithic amounts of gay "types" with all the lingo to accompany it (for example: bears, cubs, otters, wolves, and panthers are not only different types of furries, but also types within the gay subculture... and that's just ONE gay subculture), gaymers made it to the grid!

Lodged between the "Frat Boy" and the "Sk8ter Boi" is our Star Wars wearing, PS3 playing avatar complete with a halo of D&D dice. #awesome

Now I almost want to make a grid just for Gaymers!

*I also think it should be noted that on the grid of gay, there seems to be MAAAYYBBBBEEE two people of color... just sayin' is all.

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Kuhnsy said...

I cannot wait to get tagged in one of these! I wonder which ones I am to which people???? #IAmASamantha

Jason said...


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