Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Jo Chen is the bestest evar: Buffyslash

I've been a fan of Jo Chen for a long time. I was first introduced to her body of work while reading Runaways way back in college. Her iconic and hauntingly realistic style distinguishes Chen from the rest of the industry, and it's paying off. It seems that every which way I turn I run into Chen's art, between her Buffy Season 8 covers, her video game artwork like the Fable franchise, and her work for Marvel, Dark Horse and who knows who else. But what makes me love Jo Chen more than anyone else? She's totally a slashfiend.

A friend recently sent me this short story for Darkhorse that Chen illustrated back in 2009 for a web-based freebie called Darkhorse Presents. It features some hawt Angel/Spike slash and lets homegirl Chen get back to her slashy roots:

also a sample of Chen's more explicit and potentially nsfw stuff after the jump:

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