Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dustin Nguyen + Stephanie Brown = Brilliant

Dustin Nguyen, DC Comic artist extraordinaire, has been making waves in the Bat family with his work on the successful Streets of Gotham, evidently someone at DC thinks he's been doing a good job and have assigned him to work on the Batgirl ongoing series. I've been a big fan of Nguyen and his work on Streets, and his just astounding watercolors. Nguyen writes:

“This is definitely going to be an exciting venture for me, besides the outline Bryan has for us, I’m just plain excited to be drawing Batgirl... This latest incarnation of her has lots of the aesthetics of the original Babs that I love and some new ones. It’ll take me some getting used to drawing a female in horns, but I’m looking forward to putting away the ‘mean and moody’ for a while and kick in the ‘fun and sexy.’”
 I can't wait to see Steph get the grade A art treatment that she deserves. [via Newsarama]

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