Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Angel Moving to Dark Horse

This news came out a few days ago, so apologies for the late pick up. Turns out our favorite brooding LA vampire, Angel, will be moving over from IDW to Dark Horse to join with sister title Buffy. The announcement came a bit unexpectedly as Dark Horse evidently pre-empted itself by including a mention of it in its "Horsepower" column. Newsarama writes:

IDW's Angel ongoing series starts its final arc with November's #39, which sees both new co-writers in David Tischman and Mariah Huehner, and the return of a familiar Angel enemy, interdimensional law firm Wolfram & Hart. The six-issue arc is meant to transition directly to where Dark Horse Comics will pick things up in late 2011.
According to Allie in Dark Horse's statement, the return of Angeland his supporting cast is "necessary" to Buffy< and Angel creator Joss Whedon's plans for the upcoming Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 9 series, not entirely surprising given the key role Angel has played in the currently unfolding Season 8 comics. No specific plans for a new Angel-starring series from Dark Horse were detailed at this time.

This is exciting news for Buffy and Angel fans who've been keeping up with the books. I've been a little disenchanted by Angel's season 6 comic run, but knowing that the title is now coming under supervision of Dark Horse, and will finally be united in ownership and continuity with Buffy... I envision a much more harmonious and frakly, better written, book. Now, the only question is when the frak is Season 8 going to finish?

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