Monday, May 3, 2010

SuperQueeros! for May 5th, 2010

Where are queer superheroes appearing in comics to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? See the list below!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35
It's the final issue of the penultimate arc of Buffy Season 8! We know who Twilight is, and that his whole goal this season has been boning his way into a place also called "Twilight". So what does it all mean? And who's about to receive a mighty does of Whedon/Summers smack down? Find out this month as Meltzer sets up to hand the reigns of the season back to master scribe Joss Whedon!

Secret Six #21
Catman vs. the World! Black Alice vs. Scandal Savage! Whether you want to ogle guys or gals or are simply in the mood for some witty, tough-guy beat downs this is the book for you! And really, isn't that why all of us are here, for the idealized body types and the stories whose conflicts are all either physical or astral? #yesitis #okayIwillbuyit #thatiswhatyousaid

The Authority #22
GUYS IT IS TIME TO START READING THIS BOOK. Sometime in the past four months it came to my attention that Sarah Rainmaker, one of the boss-est bi's in the biz, had joined the Authority without my noticing! Which means that this is the FIRST JUMPING-ON POINT that I've let you know about! So let's #1b1t this thing and all buy it and find out what's going on with the inestimable Rainmaker!! Oh, and there are stowaways on the carrier? And some male character is going to break a vow of nonviolence or non-interference and save everyone or something? #RAINMAKER

House of Mystery #25
It's the exquisite corpse issue! I know, I am pumped too! Sturges has said that the authors kept writing each other into corners and raising the stakes all throughout this issue, so pick it up just to see if this literary experiment crashed and burned or if it is the first step toward a future where all titles are team-written! Also, to see if Sturges pulled something interesting out of the dismembered carcass of a story he was handed! #sweet

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