Friday, May 28, 2010

Superhero Term Papers

The folks over at Comics Alliance have produced a series of fantastic mocked-up term papers from our favorite tight-wearing, web-swinging, mask-donning, cape-flying comic book characters. Superhero or not, you still have to get your BA before you head off for vigilante-town. Unless, that is you're a mutant... in that case, you end up spending your entire teenage and young adult life in the boarding school from hell where all your friends are slaughtered before you and your teachers give you code names and train you to be a part of a fringe para-military strike team under the thrall of a charismatic but psychologically controlling individual.

But without further adieu, here are a few choice term papers (click to embiggen):

Hal Jordan

Bruce Wayne

I really want to see Poison Ivy's Environmental Studies 302 - Special Topics: Ecofeminism term paper. I imagine it ponders taking patriarchy and dissolving it in the digestive juices of a genetically altered pitcher plant.

Who's term paper would YOU want to see?

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Kuhnsy said...

The X-Men on the politics of passing!

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