Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SuperQueeros! for May 5th, 2010: Addendum - Revelations; VERY IMPORTANT!!

A detail I did not know has come to my attention! X-Men: Second Coming - Revelations: Hellbound features a team with not only super diva Dazzler and hunk-a-dunks Gambit and Cannonball but also ANOLE and NORTHSTAR!!! (Evidently when you need to combat hell you send the staples of gay culture. Given the awesome-ness this kind of mission entails, I'm pretty okay with fighting flames with flamers.)

That's right, we are getting THREE ISSUES of Anole development and Northstar panel-time!!! So go, buy, and solicit the next two issues! This mini is going to ROCK.

3 betches:

Jason said...


that was my jaw hitting the floor.


xiaolei said...

Also, come on, haven't we all read Magik as a total lesbian? She's like an L Word character mixed with sorcery.

Kuhnsy said...


I think it's the bangs. ;)

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