Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Superqueeros! for May 26th, 2010

Wildcats #23

Part one of three!! The Wildcats have finally set up a home base for their operations, so now it's time to start solving some mysteries! Jackson King and Ladytron are on the hunt for the new Doctor, but back at the ranch an army of baddies is on the rise! Apollo and Midnighter will no doubt be cameo-ing in this storyline (if only as boyfriend ex machina), and the World's End Wild-verse is one of the most exciting universes I've ever read. #pickoftheweek

Wonder Woman #44

THE ULTIMATE SIMONE WONDER WOMAN!!!!! While Gail will be joining JMS, Geoff Johns, and more next month on the anthology issue #600, this is the last issue penned exclusively by Simone before JMS takes over writing duties! And while I'm super excited for JMS's take on the power princess, I'm also expecting the amazing beefcake to drop off after the switch in writers. Which is tres triste, y'all. Tres triste.

Dark Wolverine #86
Daken Vs. Wolverine! Also, Romulus Vs. Skaar, but whatever. Daken Vs. Wolverine!!!! Lots of daddy jokes!!! I'm so excited for the stabbing and the bitching! And the this-storyline-is-not-a-dream! That will be a welcome relief from this title's status quo! Also, hot inked sociopaths!

Detective Comics #865

The Batman story in this book is actually quite good. But that's not why DC865 is featured in this blog post! The Question is nearing the end of her storyline and this issue the solicits promise a reveal of the big bad! The Question is the only reason I'm still picking up this book now that Batwoman is gone/on hiatus/elsewhere, and it's a testament to the quality of her story that I'm plunking down the dineros for her mini-comic. So git it!

Gotham City Sirens #12

Poison Ivy's in trouble! Will her sirens come to her aid, or will she have to outsmart her former employee and save her own life? It might not be explicitly queer, but GCS has definitely found its feet and is a consistently awesome book about the DCU's most compelling villains.

Madame Xanadu #23

It's the end! Not of the series, but of the storyline that pits the Madame against her sister Morgana. The solicits promise a fight to the death, but for mystical immortals that's, I'm sure, simply a relative term. Check out the action packed conclusion of this GLAAD-nominated book's most exciting storyline!

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