Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SuperQueeros! for May 12th, 2010

I have a BIG exam on Thursday, so let's make this short and sweet! Who's a homo (etc.) this week in comics????

Yup! It is the end! Loki does some awesome magik-ing and recharges our heroes as they go head to head with failed-hero-turned-omnipotent-super-villain the Sentry the VOID!!! Expect some Billy/Teddy cameo action as All Who Avenge team up to put the beat down on everyone's least favorite Marvel character!

Dark Avengers #16
It's curtains for the Anti-Avengers! This makes sense: The Heroic Age starts next month and--despite their best (or worst) intentions--making it as heroes has not worked out for this team of villainous posers. BUT Dark Avengers is, to quote the solicit, "Marvel's number one ongoing series". So expect some awesome fireworks and a classic "The End!... Or Is It????" final page! The ongoing title maybe be "ending", but I'm pretty sure a concept this good is just going on hiatus until next summer's Heroic-Age-ending event.

ALSO: Second Coming!
New Mutants #13
It's chapter seven and our favourite Asian lesbian librarian (Wait. How has Karma never done pr0n? Or AT LEAST ironic burlesque!) has lost a leg! Damn you, Yost!!!! But, also, how will phantom limb syndrome effect someone who can control OTHER PEOPLE'S LIMBS??? And, also, will Iron Man or Box step up and give her a fancy attack leg? I'm thinking something along the lines of Rose McGowan in Planet Terror! Whatever the case, this issue is the start of Bastion's second assault on Hope Summers and the X-Men, so jump on now if you like action!

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g_whiz said...

I couldn't help but wonder @ Karma's amazing collection of stauteses. Not only is she from Madripoor(which I think has always been suggested to be somewhere in Southeast Asia), a homosexual, a woman, and a mutant...NOW she's a parapalegic amputee. There's stigma and then there's Karma. I remember thinking a little about "Women in Refrigerators" and being curious/concerned when I saw this development...

xiaolei said...

Valid point, g_whiz. Although, I thought Karma was supposed to be Vietnamese? Perhaps that got ret-conned? Totally possible.

A few years ago, there was a Kitty Pryde mini-series, Mechanix (?) that featured Karma, set in Chicago. The writer did a great job lifting Karma's characterization and played a bit with Kitty possibly being bi (Karma had a crush on her). They've hinted at it at that plotpoint again more recently, but I wish they would continue to develop her.

My only other gripe with Karma is that they've essentially upgraded every other New Mutant's power, except for hers. She's still wincing and holding her hands to her temple in a karate chop stance when she possesses someone. And god forbid she has to possess more than one person! Then she actually has to buckle down to her knees (or just the one knee now...). I mean make this woman a full-blown telepath already! Or do something more interesting with her powers (like the recently resurrected Cypher)... what about allowing her to temporarily absorb skillsets from those she possess (i.e. lockpicking, computer programming, martial arts etc)? Let's boost her powers!

Kuhnsy said...

xiaolei, did you pick up the issues of Uncanny right after Nation X started? Cyc was using Karma as his resident telepath for at least three issues! And within this very run of New Mutants she's possessed multiple teammates at one time! Her powers have DEFINITELY been in flux over the years. Hopefully some kind of power boost will come as a result of her amputation (Second Coming is, after all, masterminded by the guy who chopped off Anole's arm). And if her next power boost is a result of a physical change it'll be harder to retcon!

g-whiz said...

I haven't been following New Mutants (primarily because I don't really see the point), but I have to admit Karma was pretty much the badesst of the badass when it came to showing off her powerset in the "Second Coming" arc where the villan channeling racist Mojo...mojo... took her leg in retribution. I thought it was impressive...but I think its somewhat telling how the lesbian, asian woman gets another trumped on stigmatized status to go with it. Or ill thought. whichever.

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