Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 9th, 2013

Um, PAY DIRT, you guys! I've got SEVEN queer-inclusive titles, plus two possibles! To paraphrase Macklemore, "Peep game, come take a look through my Geek' Out post/Tryin' get gays from a comic? Got the hella most!"

Supurbia #3
That's right. It's game time. Agent Twilight is coming out and nothings going to stop him, especially his beau's insecurities! Plus all the kids are in danger, Tia wants to head back to work (Justice-League-ing, that is) and Hella might be headed back to prison! This book is TOTES. PERF.

Artifacts #24
Dani Baptiste may not be the Angelus anymore, but that sure isn't stopping her from getting it on with the artifact's new, hot-as bearer, Finch! This one's for the ladies!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 9: Freefall #17
Illyria has whisked the Buff-ster away to another dimension! Unfortunately for the Scoobies, they are all either fighting or virtual strangers to each other! How will the newest version of the classic ground team survive a zom-pocalypse with no Slayer??? And will Illyria be joining the dysfunctional roster?????

Stormwatch #16
EVERYONE CONTINUES TO BEAT UP MIDNIGHTER! One character "changes irrevocably!" My bet is on the Engineer, but maybs its Jenny Q turning 13! Oh, gosh... I just terrified myself with that thought...

Fairest #11
Rapunzel continues to kick butt!

Earth 2 #8
Steppenwolf spared one Amazon! And she looks EVIL! Could this be Donna Troy???????????????

Hack/Slash #22

The Phantom Stranger #4
JLD guests in this issue; maybe Madame X is among them!

True Blood #8
Werewolf story continues; no idea if Lafayette is in this book.

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