Monday, January 28, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 30th, 2013

It's only the last Wednesday of January, and already it's time for the Colt-est cover of 2013!

X-treme X-men #9
Hercules and Howlett kiss-wrastle! Well, maybe not, but the solicit says that the (former?) boyfriends do go "head to head." I'm just using fan-license to decide which "head" they're talking about. ;D Oh, and didn't Dazzler die last issue? Meh, I'm sure she'll recover. She is, just like Howlett, the best at what she does. And what he does is Herc, while what she does is revive, then kill her post-apocalyptic doppleganger and take her mirrored combat heels. #hot

Invincible #100
Speaking of killing people who look like you, this book started when Mark's father, Omniman, turned evil and killed a bunch of people. Now, in the final issue of "The Death of Everyone", Mark is faced with a similar choice. Will he follow in his father's human-massacring footsteps????

Justice League Dark #16
Trapped in a world without magic, JLD is a JOKE. Let's just hope they're not a killing joke!

True Blood #9
The werewolf invasion comes to an end!

Hack/Slash #23 
The final girl army continues to fight it's war on slashers!

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