Monday, January 14, 2013

SuperQueeros! for January 16th, 2012

A light week in 'queeros this week but a milestone for the man - nay, the legend - who is battling his way back from a stroke, the ineffable Peter David.

X-Factor #250
WOO ISSUE 250!!!! Though PD hasn't been the scribe on every single issue of title, and though he wasn't the writer who started it, he is far and away the sole reason this book has made it to this landmark issue. X-Factor is the epitome of consumate, character-driven storytelling, a place where even the Darwins and Layla Millers of the comic book world can come to find a personality. And it doesn't hurt that it features Rictor, my first ever X-crush. ;)

Oh, and this issue starts the "Hell on Earth War" as the team fights the Lords of Hell for the right to decide the fate of Rahne's son.
Life With Archie #26
Kevin Keller is running for Senate! On gun-control! Quick, someone tell Biden that the Vice Presidental comic book tie-in is here!!

Demon Knights #26
THIRTY YEAR JUMP! Who lived? Who died? Who gave birth to an army of vampire demon-spawn?!?!?

Grifter #16
Is Voodoo still on this book? Because that's the only reason this book is on this list!

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