Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SuperQueeros! for September 26th, 2012

Last month saw the birth of a new SuperQueero in the form of Captain James Howlett (what's up with these space-time-jumping captains, eh?) and this month we (hopefully!) get to find out if DCnU John Constantine has as fluid of a sexuality as his Vertigo counterpart!
Cowboys Are Frequently
Secretly Fond of Each Other

X-treme X-men #4
After last month's reveal of Captain Howlett's feelings for his dimension's Hercules I have a lot of questions! Luckily, it looks like this week we're going to get some answers: The X-treme Xavier Hunters (too soon, Marvel) are heading to a dimension that looks a lot like Howlett's past, including a younger, twinkier version of himself. With the opportunity to show baby-James that it really does get better, will the Captain help his younger self vanquish some foes? Or maybe capture someone's heart??? Hopefully we'll get both!!

Angel and Faith #14
Hey, guys, have Angel, Faith, and Connor ever met Dark Willow? I mean, Angel has definitely met Vampire Willow, but there were no crossovers in Season 6 and Angel was a baddie in Season 8, so... I don't think anyone of these n00bs knows what "their Willow on magic" looks like. Well now that they brought Wills to a hell dimension and juiced her up on some native pixie juice they are definitely going to become very well acquainted with the dark master of the Buffy-verse! The only questions are: Will they be able to bring back good Will?  Will she regain her new magics when she leaves Quor'toth? And will she manage to kill off Connor before she becomes a goody-goody again???

Justice League Dark #0
THIS IS THE DECIDING ISSUE! Yes, I have drawn a line in the sand. This issue focuses on John Constantine's origin and to me this story can only have one of two possible outcomes. The first is that they drop some sort of reference to John having a past same-sex relationship, or a queer identity, and I become a life-long DCnU-Constantine fan. The second option is that they make no mention of John being anything other than straight, or dismiss it with some sort "it was a phase" line, in which case I'm droppin' JC-fandom like a hot, surly potato! So, Mr. Lemire, in the words of RuPaul, "Don't f*** it up!"

Teen Titans #0
Red Robin's new origin. Yaaaaaawn... But, we also get Skitter and Bunker's origins, which is a much more exciting prospect! I'm continually pissed that the Karmas, Xavins, and Skitters of the world get beaten up, "killed", and written off of books because people don't want to write them. So I'm hoping that this issue will shed some light on the mysterious origin of Skitter's powers and set the stage for her triumphal return to the Teen Titans! And, on the 'queero side of things, maybe we'll get the reveal of Bunker's boyfriend!!

Astonishing X-Men #54
Woooo! Karma's on the cover!!! Maybe she will even do something this issue! And by "do something" I mean "kick butt", not "be used like a puppet by a super-villain (even if that super-villain is another API woman)". Because I'm tired of it being otherwise!!! Oh, and Northstar will probs continue to be awesome while wrecking his marriage.

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