Sunday, September 16, 2012

SuperQueeros! for September 19th, 2012

At Dragon Con this year I went to an academic analysis of the racial make-up of and queer representation in the JL, Avengers, and X-men. The study only counted people as queer if they were explicitly so, i.e. if they were out. A lot of the books I'm covering this week don't necessarily feature explicitly queer characters, so I'll let you know who's what and why;

Batwoman #0
Kate Kane. The most awesome out lesbian ever. Sorry Ellen, sorry Karma, but Kate has a bat on the bottom of her shoe, so there's not really any competitsh. Anyway, this issue promises to reveal "how Kate shed her life of excess and disgrace." Didn't we already saw that in Detective Comics a few years ago? Eh, if there's one thing I've learned from Lost and Once Upon a Time, it's that you can always tell an audience the same backstory multiple times, as long as you tell it well. And with J.H. Williams III on EVERY aspect of this book (art, cover, AND writing), I'm pretty sure that's what we're about to get!

Avengers Academy #37
It's the last issue in the Final Exam storyline! And with Striker (out, gay brat) permanently scarred and Lightspeed (out, bi rainbow) ever in a state of moving on, will our heroes make it out of the Academy, or stick around for its new AvX status quo?

Hellblazer #295
John Constantine definitely dated a dude for a bit. He's married to a lady these days, though, so I'm not sure whether he identifies as queer, or if I should read that label onto him since he is, in fact, fictitious and not a real person.

X-Factor #244
Rictor and Shatterstar are totes boyfriends. Maybe they will even be in this issue!

New Mutants #49
My hero, lez-brarian Karma, was killed a couple of issues ago. Since this is the second-to-last issue of this run of New Mutants, I figure they'll bring her back this month so that all the straight characters can have some denouement next month.

True Blood #5
This book is on here because it is POSSIBLE that Lafayette will make an appearance. Also, they're looking into some villain's past this issue, and I'm assuming its a vampire and that AT SOME POINT Alan Ball made him/her sex a dude/lady (in a dream or otherwise). So Laffs probs not in this issue, but somequeer might be...

Wonder Woman #0
Is Wonder Woman queer? I think it's canon that she's had lady-friends, but I also don't think she identifies as queer (do they even have a name for queer-ness on Themyscira?). So take your pick of whether or not she's a friend of, or friendly with, Sappho.

Sword of Sorcery #0
No one has told me there will be queers in this book, but if there are no gays in "Gemworld" then there is no justice! #fingerscrossed

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T-Dogg said...

FYI, X-treme X-Men, though being less impressive that it's original lead up in Greg Pak's Astonishing X-Men, has hinted that AU Wolverine (AKA "Howlett") may have had a gay or bi relationship with his universe's Hercules. Check it. Revealed in XX #3, I believe.

Kuhnsy said...

Awesome, thanks T-Dogg! I'll start covering it with issue #4!

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