Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SuperQueeros! for September 5th, 2012

It's Zero Hour, folks! Yes, one year after the launch of the new 52 each title is getting an issue #0 origin issue! Not sure why DC wants to do this, other than providing the opportunity to tie up some plot holes and ret-con some of their newly minted cannons for this year's Trinity War, but at least the covers look cool!

X-Factor #234
The "Five Days That Change X-Factor" is on Day 3. Strong Guy is now Bad Guy, Darwin is a demon hunter, and Rahne is single-mom-ing it up with her pup. But that's not enough! No, the destruction of X-Factor continues this week when someone goes crazy! It's no surprise that, given that her BF is featured heavily in the post-AvX universe, the comics gods have chosen Polaris for this not-at-all-cliche fate. After all, how else could they unencumber Havok? A long distance relationship with a non-traditional, complex, and flawed set of rules permitting sexual tension with new teammates but requiring angsty, angsty monogamy? 

BWAHAHAHA, be serious! Making your ex insane is much easier!

But enough of my tomfoolery! It looks like Lorna is going to find out who her real mom is and tumble into some sort of "Lovecraftian" insanity. So she's the daughter of Magneto and Cthulu? 

Suddenly I'm more okay with this story.

Stormwatch #0
See the stuff that Stormwatch did before we joined their narrative! Since issue #1 dealt with Midnighter and Apollo's recruitment I'm not sure if we will have any sort of queer characters at all, but they are gracing the cover, so I will allow for the possibility of an appearance!

Avengers Academy #36
Striker: disfigured and undone! Hazmat: irreparably toxic! Mettle: right back to the feeling-less shell he was two months ago! And everyone else is powerless! Things do not appear to be going well, which can only mean one thing: they're about to get worse!!

Issue of Note:
The new Green Lantern is showing up in Green Lantern #0 this week!

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