Monday, August 1, 2011

SuperQueeros! for August 3rd, 2011

Welcome to August, the month of saying good-bye to our favorite DC titles! The DCnU relaunch is right around the corner, and our superqueeros are coming out in force this week to bid adieu!

Adventure Comics #529
It's the kids versus Evil-Cosmic-Boy (I think his name is Cosmic King)! From what I've seen of the new Universe Legion, Dragonwing and Chemical Kid are going to kick butt and be deputized into the Legion, but the jury is still out on whether Power Boy and/or Gravity Kid are going to get a similar promotion. As far as powers & personalities go theirs have always struck me as a little boring, but I'd love to have a cute gay couple to squee over every month. I'll definitely be getting this issue, if only to find out the fate of these two 'queeros. EDIT: Iread it, and it don't look good, kiddos.

Secret Six #36
It's the last Secret Six! And while Deadshot is going to be joining Harley and King Shark in Suicide Squad it looks like the other five members of this fan fav team are M.I.A. in the DCnU! Which means this is probably the last comic book to feature Scandal Savage for at least six months! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Veronica #208: Veronica Presents Kevin Keller #2
EDIT: I have no idea if this comic actually came out today. My guy didn't have it, and it's vanished from comixology so... Did you find it??? More Kevin Keller! As we noted in our video-cast, the last issue was a little heavy handed regarding Kevin's SUPER BIG WISH to be in the military because GAYS CAN DO THAT. And while that message is both topical and quintessentially conservative, like the Archie comics themselves, it'd be nice to see a more mellowed, less political story like we got in Kevin's first two appearances. From the solicits it looks like that's what we'll be getting, though I have heard that Kevin's military-themed relationship with his family is going to be a topic in future issues.

X-Factor #223
More Baby Mama Drama! Rahne continues her made dash to escape the powers converging on her uterus and we get one issue closer to Rictor having his powers again! Plus, there's a cute boy werewolf being all flirty with Rahne in this issue. I love cute boy werewolves! Team Jacob! Team Turn-Jackson-Into-A-Werewolf-and-Have-Him-Date-Derek-Hale! Team This Book!!

House of Mystery #40
The second to last issue of the Lotus Blossum story! This arc has been pretty good with the Tursig inclusion, but the solicits are hinting at a new new status quo in the coming months. hopefully this won't be to Tursig what the DCnU is to Scandal, but until then we've got two more issues for him to find a cute troll boy! #fingerscrossed EDIT: No dice on the Tursig front!

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman - The 80's #1
I loved the WW in the 70's reprinted issue, so I'm really looking forward to picking up an issue that's over 20 years old! Also, hopefully the new story makes sense this time...

Herc #6
More Fear Itself stuff... Get a sidekick for ambiguous Greek tension, Herc!

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