Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scarlet Betch Episode 57: Sexy Furries!

Hey Betches!

We're back this week discussing the latest and greatest in gay comic book news. We get down and dirty with all the sexy furries out in the nerdverse recently. We chat about the new Thundercats reboot, the latest furry adventures of Wolfsbane and "The Pack" (also, Guido and Monet, sitting in a tree!), questionable advertisements in comics (marvel sleepwear with... no sleepwear in the ad...), How the Ultimates are really big douchebags, The Atom is Asian again, and much much more!

Let us know what you think! Plus, any comics you think we missed in our coverage let us know! Send us a tweet @ScarletBetch or by email at scarletbetch@gmail.com

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