Monday, August 8, 2011

SuperQueeros! for August 10th, 2011

Not a lot this week, but my sources (the same ones that mislead me last week...) say that Kevin Keller #2 ships on Wednesday! Fingers crossed!!! Aside from that the we get two of Marvel's most beloved superqueeros:

Daken: Dark Wolverine #12
It's the end of the bank-heist storyline! With a hot cop on his heels, Heat in his system, and Taskmaster standing in the way between the Dark Wolverine and his cash, Daken seems to be in a bit of a tight spot. Of course, if there's one thing this book has taught me in the past year it's that when things get tough, Daken gets scary. This book is gonna rock!

Alpha Flight #3
Alpha Flight goes rogue this issue, and the Canadian government reveals their dastardly back-up plan! Who knows what sort of deathtrap (Arctic-sharks-with-lasers?) the PM has Kyle suspended over, but fingers crossed that Northstar can come up with a plan to save his beau before Jean-Paul becomes the Mikaal Tomas of the Marvel U!

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