Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PREVIEW: Batwoman #1 and J. H. Williams' Art!

If you've been following our coverage of queer comic book news, it will come of no shock to learn that we, here at Scarlet Betch, are HUGE fans of Batwoman and J. H. Williams' iconic artwork that has accompanied her much lauded stint on Detective Comics in Batman's absence. We have been eagerly awaiting Batwoman's return in her very own series. We got a prelude to the series with Batwoman #0, but Newsarama has our very first glimpses of Batwoman #1, which was delayed from February of this year to April.

While we still have to wait until April for the sweet return of the "Dark Red Angel of the Night," check out the 5 page preview! The art is, no shock, amazing. [newsarama]

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